About Us

Heritage Health Services are locally owned companies that bring quality health care into your home. We are Medicare certified and an ACHC Accredited home care provider. We provide a high standard of care to all our patients as we strive to increase patient outcomes and reduce acute care hospitalization. Our team of highly qualified health care professionals works closely with physicians to coordinate patient care. We are COMMITTED to being the agency of choice in the communities we serve in southeast Idaho by providing quality care and professionalism.


To improve the quality of life of our patients and their families


To be the home health and hospice agency of choice for patients, families, and employees.


To inspire hope and improve the quality of life for those we serve by delivering clinical excellence, outstanding service, compassionate care, and putting the needs of our patients and families first.

Our Core Values

Do The Right Thing

Keep it simple. Just do the right thing. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. Don’t one up somebody because you can. Act morally and ethically in good conscience and with integrity in all that you do. Use good judgement in every situation.

Fun-Loving Attitude

Having fun is important to remaining sane in the fast-paced world we work in. Having the right type of fun at work doesn’t take away from productivity, it increases it. It also helps you maintain perspective and balance in your life. So have fun!

Servant Leadership

Care about people. Do things for the common good. Serve others by identifying and meeting their legitimate needs. This will build authority or influence with them and gives you the right to be called a leader.


A leader is only as good as their team. We are better together. We can only accomplish our mission together. We can only achieve our vision together. Because of this, we require dynamic teams that thrive together.


Have the courage to lead. Be vulnerable. Speak up and share your thoughts. We hired you to be you, not someone else. Don’t be afraid to be different. Bring your unique talents and ideas to the table.


Be a stellar representative of Heritage in everything you do. The way that you speak and dress are first-impression indicators of your professionalism. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions no matter who you are around. Continually work at your craft so that you have the ability to do what is expected of you and can deliver quality work.


Take extreme ownership over everything in your life. Learn from mistakes and resolve problems quickly. The buck stops with you. Own your world and everything that happens in it.


Jonny Fisher


Kim Hymas, RN


DaNae Young

Regional Marketing Director

Julie Belnap, RN

Home Health Clinical Director

Kadie Richardson, RN

Hospice Clinical Director

Jake Wood

Twin Falls Clinical Director

Sheri Johnson, MSPT

Therapy Director

Cassie Snell, LSW

Social Services Director

Jennifer Walker, RN

QAPI Director

Thomas Landon, RN

Director of Operations