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When Do You Need A Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist is there to help you when you: Have trouble moving Experience pain Need help functioning Want to prevent disability There are many different situations when a physical therapist can help improve the quality of your life. Some examples are: You’ve been in a car accident You are recovering from a hip replacement surgery You [...]

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Say This, Not That: Supporting Your Injured Loved One With Words

You do not have to feel helpless when you find out that a loved one is coping with a life-changing illness or injury. There are many helpful ways to support them — chief among them are your words. “Your words may be all you can give and words are what stay with us the longest,” [...]

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Tips to Prepare for Medicare Open Enrollment

Enrolling in Medicare can be an intimidating and confusing process. With the 2018 enrollment season beginning on October 15, it’s time to begin thinking about the best ways to prepare for enrollment, whether you need to change a plan or start your first one. Here are some helpful tips leading up to enrollment. Know what [...]

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When It’s Time to Hang Up the Keys

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the risk of being involved in a traffic accident increases once drivers reach 70 years of age. The CDC also finds that, on an average day, 712 older adults are injured in a car accident, and an additional 19 people are killed. It’s important to determine [...]

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Sandwich Generation Caregivers: 5 Ways You Can Ease Back to School Season Stress

You may be part of the sandwich generation and not even know it. This group includes people over 40 who are both raising children and caring for an aging loved one, and includes nearly half of all women aged 45-64. These two roles can bring unique challenges as you’re pulled in many directions, balancing daily [...]

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The Checklist Every Senior Needs to Help Maintain an Active Social Life

Many seniors face obstacles when it comes to maintaining an active social life, which is proven to have benefits in all areas of a person’s well-being. The loss of a spouse, physical ailments, mobility problems, cognitive decline or lack of family nearby can all lead to isolation and a steady decline in physical, emotional and [...]

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3 Types of Exercise That Can Prevent Osteoporosis

As the body ages, bones can weaken. This can impact your ability to stand or walk, and put you more at risk for fractures. This is even more of a concern for people living with arthritis or osteoporosis. One of the best ways to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis is by getting regular exercise. Even if you already [...]

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Caregiver tips for interacting with someone with Autism

Interacting with someone with autism can feel frustrating for both of you. Autism can present communication, socialization, and behavioral challenges that can make you feel like you don’t know what to say or how to respond. The secret is to always try to understand, to aim for kindness, and to learn as much as you [...]

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6 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Make the Most of Living with COPD

Hundreds of thousands of people living with COPD face certain challenges and frustrations, such as no longer being physically able to do things as easily as before. Living with COPD can also bring on emotional challenges. But knowing how to manage the disease and taking advantage of the support that is available can significantly improve and enhance [...]

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