Heritage Hospice Receives 2019 Customer Experience Award from Pinnacle Quality Insight

Heritage Hospice is proud to announce that they are the recipient of Pinnacle Quality Insight’s 2019 Customer Experience AwardTM. Qualifying for the award in the following categories: Hospice Team Communication, Getting Hospice Care Training, and Willingness to Recommend. Heritage Hospice displays a continued dedication to providing Best in Class senior healthcare services. Throughout its 10 [...]

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Keeping Up Your Winter Exercise Routine

As we all know, everyday activities like walking from your car to the front door become potentially hazardous in the winter. Building and maintaining your muscles—especially when you have to travel on slippery ice and snow—is critically important to keep your body strong, improving your physical resiliency, and minimizing the likelihood that you will fall. [...]

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When Do You Need A Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist is there to help you when you: Have trouble moving Experience pain Need help functioning Want to prevent disability There are many different situations when a physical therapist can help improve the quality of your life. Some examples are: You’ve been in a car accident You are recovering from a hip replacement surgery You [...]

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Say This, Not That: Supporting Your Injured Loved One With Words

You do not have to feel helpless when you find out that a loved one is coping with a life-changing illness or injury. There are many helpful ways to support them — chief among them are your words. “Your words may be all you can give and words are what stay with us the longest,” [...]

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The Checklist Every Senior Needs to Help Maintain an Active Social Life

Many seniors face obstacles when it comes to maintaining an active social life, which is proven to have benefits in all areas of a person’s well-being. The loss of a spouse, physical ailments, mobility problems, cognitive decline or lack of family nearby can all lead to isolation and a steady decline in physical, emotional and [...]

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How to Prevent These Top 5 Illnesses

Heritage Home Health & Hospice is devoted to helping our clients and their family members stay informed and up to date on aging and the illnesses and conditions that affect seniors most. This week we’re here to discuss the most common illnesses seen in individuals over the age of 50 years old, and the best [...]

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