Keeping Up Your Winter Exercise Routine

As we all know, everyday activities like walking from your car to the front door become potentially hazardous in the winter. Building and maintaining your muscles—especially when you have to travel on slippery ice and snow—is critically important to keep your body strong, improving your physical resiliency, and minimizing the likelihood that you will fall. [...]

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How Seniors Can Be Prepared For A Natural Disaster

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with and this means you must be as prepared as possible to ensure that you are ready. While you may think that you are safe in your home, your home can be a dangerous place too. We want your loved one to be safe, prepared, and comfortable throughout [...]

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When It’s Time to Hang Up the Keys

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the risk of being involved in a traffic accident increases once drivers reach 70 years of age. The CDC also finds that, on an average day, 712 older adults are injured in a car accident, and an additional 19 people are killed. It’s important to determine [...]

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Winter Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly

Winter and the holidays should be times of joyous celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, studies have shown a direct link between cold weather and falls in the elderly. Therefore, winter fall prevention in the elderly is a concern. Each year, 2.8 million elderly adults are treated for fall-related injuries. Over 800,000 require hospitalization, most of [...]

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Preventing Falls

Home accidents are a major cause of injury and death, especially for those over 60. As people grow older, they may be less agile and their bones tend to break more easily. A fall can result in a disabling injury. All patients need to take special precautions to ensure a safe living environment. Most accidents [...]

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