Home Health vs. Hospice

Many health care services are often provided in the home setting—where most patients prefer to be. The home care option reduces unnecessary hospital visits, and perhaps more importantly, delivers personalized one-on-one attention from a dedicated [...]

  • Keeping Up Your Winter Exercise Routine

Keeping Up Your Winter Exercise Routine

As we all know, everyday activities like walking from your car to the front door become potentially hazardous in the winter. Building and maintaining your muscles—especially when you have to travel on slippery ice and [...]

Fraud Against Seniors

Financial scams which target seniors are always on the rise. Thieves target seniors for many reasons including: Seniors are more likely to have their home, a “nest egg” and excellent credit. They often make for [...]

  • diabetes management

Four Ways to Manage Diabetes

While tried and true treatment has existed since the 1920s, there is more diabetes research funding than ever before. You want the best treatment available for you or a loved one with diabetes. Below are [...]