The Role of the Volunteer

As a volunteer at Heritage Home Health and Hospice, you are a valued member of our program. Your efforts to make a difference in the lives of those you visit make perhaps the biggest difference of all. Volunteers offer a special gift of caring that comes from the heart and soul. Patient’s know you are there out of the goodness of your heart. Volunteers offer the widest range of hospice services to the team; ranging from physical, emotional and often spiritual support where needed. Volunteers are valued and needed!

Below are several avenues in which you might participate as a volunteer. You will never be asked to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing.

Companionship Volunteers

Companionship focuses on listening, support, friendship and a familiar face to the patients and their families. During a companionship visit, you might be asked to do some light housekeeping, sit with the patient while caregiver runs a few errands, read books, create life review book, play music and just sit with the patient as a supportive presence.

Bereavement Volunteers

The focus here is that surviving family members after patient death will support the family through visits, phone calls, non-judgmental, listening, and walking with them down the road of grief.

Administrative Volunteers

This type of volunteering does not require one to be face to face with a patient. Rather it is time in the office helping with filing and paperwork.This volunteer works closely with the office staff.

Skilled Volunteers

Skilled volunteering are those who have specific licenses to provide a special service to our patients. Examples include; massage therapists, cosmetologists, barbers, musicians for music therapy and pet therapists.

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?